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Cleaning Poly Lumber Recycled Plastic Furniture

    One of the many advantages of recycled plastic or poly furniture is that it requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. It doesn’t require that painstaking task of repainting or re-staining every few years.  It’s also resistant to mold and other materials that can leave highly unattractive stains and discoloration on wood furniture.

    However, even poly furniture will need to be cleaned from time-to-time to keep it looking its absolute best. Our Poly Brite Cleaner makes the process simple and will leave your furniture with that brand new shine!

    Residential Customers can order via Furniture Barn USA

    Large Quantity Commercial Customers can order via The Amish Furniture Co

    Simply spray your furniture with Poly Brite Cleaner and scrub with a clean cloth or soft bristle brush (a brush can be particularly effective on textured poly furniture).

    That’s it! Your furniture will be looking fantastic, and you’ll be ready to get back to enjoying it after only a matter of minutes.

    Poly Brite Cleaner has been developed after extensive testing by LuxCraft, a leading builder of premium furniture located in Ohio, and is formulated for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. It also contains no harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

    A few more cleaning/maintenance tips:

    • Fasteners are 316-grade stainless, and although this is a premium grade stainless, it is still susceptible to corrosion in extreme conditions (e.g coastal areas with continuous exposure to salt water). In those conditions it is recommended to rinse the furniture weekly with fresh water and wipe the hardware with a soft cloth.
    • Lighter colored furniture may require more frequents cleanings.
    • Do not place hot items on the furniture as this could potentially melt the material.
    • Certain flower pots or containers left on the furniture over an extended period of time could cause staining. Be sure to frequently clean under such items.
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